"Portrait Now!"
May-August 2021
The Museum of Natural History, Fredriksborg Castle, Denmark
Juried exhibition

"Portrait Now!" is the Carlsberg Foundation's biannual portrait competition, which is organised by the Museum of Natural History at Fredriksborg Castle in Denmark. The competition applies to artists in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Greenland, The Faroe Islands, Iceland, and the Åland Islands. An international jury selects the winners of the competion as well as the artworks which will be included in the exhibition. 

This year, the portrait of Ane Dahl Torp entitled "Forberedelser" (eng. "Preparations") has been selected for the exhibition. 

Forberedelser (3).jpg

Forberedelser/Preparations, 120x90cm, oil on linen,2021 (Photo by Nanna Wessel.Sundt)

Catalogue text:

“Forberedelser” er et portrett av den norske skuespilleren Ane Dahl Torp, som er kjent fra teater, film og tv-drama. Bildet er malt under korona-nedstengningen. Ane er portrettert sittende hjemme i sin egen sofa, mens hun innstuderer et nytt manus, og venter på at kulturlivet gjenåpnes. Hun er omgitt av fargerike tepper som hun har heklet på fritiden under pandemien. Det tidkrevende håndarbeidet blir således et visuelt uttrykk for hvor lenge pandemien har vart, og den tålmodighetstesten kunstlivet har vært igjennom. Pandemien har vært spesielt krevende for utøvende kunstnere, med nedstengning av både kino og teatre i lang tid.


The Garden Project

CAN YOU HELP ME? I’m currently working on an exhibition about gardens; exploring what they are, why and how we tame the nature in these spaces, and how we perceive and use them.

In connection with this project I would like your help, please: Can you send me ONE photo which has some connection with gardens? It can be a photo from your own garden, your neighbour’s garden, your dream garden, your balcony, a park, a public garden, a vegetable or flower you have grown, your favourite or broken garden tool, your weeds, your compost, your childhood garden, your children’s toys, your favourite place in the sun or shade, your hide away or your social space, the place you kissed or fought, your pet’s burial spot, your bird feeder, your worms or snails, your dead plants, your hammock or rickety old chair, your garden gnomes, your beautiful roses, your pond or puddle, your uncut hedge or your figure shaped trees…

The photo can be taken during any season, in any country, in any weather and during the day or at night, but showing no identifiable people.

Lastly, and importantly, the photo must be followed by 1-2 sentences about the personal significance of the photo.

I’m still at the beginning of this project, so I’ve not completely worked out how I will be using the material. If you want to contribute, you must allow me to use your photo and text as I please without payment or credit. All contributions which I choose to include in a final project will be used anonymously.

If you would like to participate, please send ONE photo followed by 1-2 sentences to karen.aarre@gmail.com

Thank you!