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In order to explore the social meaning of gardens and green spaces - our lives in the garden - I put out an open post on social media asking people to send me a photograph related to gardens, accompanied by a short text about the personal significance of the image. I have chosen to rework a selection of 24 of these contributions into small oil paintings. The works are exhibited together with the texts at the exhibition "Horticultura" at Galleri Briskeby 28 April - 22 May.  The contributions revolve around issues such as happiness and grief, memories, childhood, beauty, the joy of gardening and concerns about the environment. Here are a few examples from the series:

C74A9946 (1).jpg
C74A9928 (2).jpg
C74A9962 (1).jpg
C74A0047 (1).jpg

104 V, One Ocean Four Views  Art Exhibition

Silver Strings is a video exhibited at the One Ocean Four Views exhibition at Way of Arts in Cascais May-June 2013. The 4 minute film gives a sensory experience of light, water and movement of an early winter morning at the fisherman´s harbour in Cascais. The film is made by Maria Virginia Fiorini and Karen Aarre.


Behind the Scenes is a teaser made for the One Ocean Four Views exhibition showing the making of the installation "1Ocean4Views". The installation was a collaboration between the four artists in the show. The teaser is made by Maria Virginia Fiorini and Karen Aarre.




Installations by Karen Aarre, Maria Muñoz Viada, Maria Virginia Fiorini and Rox Lawson for the 104V Exhibition.

My Aunts and Me

My Aunts and Me is a collage project from 2010 consisting of three paper dresses and a paper corset. The dresses are based on Vogue dress patterns from the 1930s, '40s and '50s. The material in each dress is covered in classified ads for women seeking men of the time period of the dress. There are also agony aunt columns on relationships of the time. The corset is made out of texts from contemporary property ads highlighting exposure, design, looks and modernity.


The project is a reminder of the radical changes in the roles of women in the Western world in a relatively short time span.

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