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about THE EVENT _ [ the event]

The Atlantic Ocean. A current embracing the Old and New Worlds, always changing and in constant movement, like the artists presenting their works in this unique space.  Rox Lawson, Maria Virginia Fiorini, Karen Aarre and Marina Muñoz Viada left their respective native lands of the River Plate, the fjords and the Castillian planes, to move to the beautiful coast of Cascais.

Four artists united by their love of the sea, their friendship and the creative urge that they share.  Four views evoking the essence of the ocean on each canvas with the forms and colours of nature imagined by the artists.

about W O A _ [ way of arts ]


WOA|Way of Arts, is a cultural engineering project. Its purpose is to overcome and achieve a permanent creative spirit, allowing Way of Arts to be a significant element in the cultural understanding of the 21st century.

WOA’s mission is to consciously hold and potentialize permanent and relevant cultural aspects, as their field of expertise involves conservation and restoration, and the artistic direction and organization of cultural events, as well as a personal development program entitled Proteus, which intends to power and refresh human and personal potentialities.

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